24 carat, gold-plated, $5,000 Nintendo Analogue NT unboxing is what dreams are made of…

Nintendo gold-plated NES Analogue

I can think back to the most influential parts of my life.

Things like learning to ride a bike and the first time I extended my legs out in a cartwheel.

Okay, those aren’t the most influential parts of my life, but they are memories I hold dear (sorta).

Nothing sticks out more in my childhood than blowing the dust out of the bottom of a cartridge and playing some Nintendo, or SEGA, or Atari.

Well, Analogue has revisited the Nintendo NES, and has gold-plated the motherf**ker.

They’ve even thrown in a gold plated Legend of Zelda O-o.

Although you would probably keep this in a bulletproof glass case next to that signed Cher shirt, it is truly a thing of beauty and most probably worth more than $5,000 in boasting rights.

Watch as this dude pulls on white gloves (That came in the box, how fancy?) and unboxes this incredible piece of history.

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