Conor McGregor and Conan go head to head in UFC 2 – This game looks amazing!

We seem to love a lot of people, but we have big hearts.

Not like in a rare condition sort of way, just in a way that kinda demonstrates that we love people.

This isn’t contributing to this piece at all, so I’m going to stop now.

Conan and Conor are two of our favourite people, but for almost the same reason.

They are entertainers, they look to do what will please the masses and never stop short to please the fans.

Take a look at the latest Clueless Gamer from the Conan O’Brien Show featuring a pumped up. fly-kicking Notorious McGregor opposite ‘Bread Basket’ O’Brien.

The game looks amazing, and the results are hilarious…

Will you buy it?

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