Does silence make you nervous? We’ve got just the trick to help you out!

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I’m not sure if you hate silence as much as I do, but back in my more intellectual days when I was studying, I would turn the TV on in the lounge so that there was a bit of background noise.

Some people work better with silence, but you should avoid those people. I’ve seen enough scary movies in my time to tell you they aren’t good people!

Whether you like the sound of rain, children’s laughter (Don’t be a creep), or a bustling coffee shop, these background sounds can be fine tuned to your satisfaction.

I know what you’re thinking… This post was written terribly so we have no idea what you’re actually talking about.

I’m sorry.

So there’s this website, right… And it allows you to select what type of background noises you’d like to set the tone for your internet splurge or updating your Facebook status (who even does that anymore you old person!).

Or, if you’re looking at actually be productive (dafuq is that about?) you can use this as well.

Click on the magic picture below to be transported by 1’s and 0’s to the website.


You’re welcome!

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