Foo Fighters Breaking Up? Here’s Their Official Band Announcement…

In the roller-coaster world of Rock-and-Roll it isn’t unusual for bands to break up. From The Police to Oasis, we have all witnessed at least one break-up in our lifetime, and for some, experienced a paralyzing depression as a result. But a rock band is much like a romantic relationship – sometimes they last and it’s amazing, and sometimes they end up in lawsuits, fist-fights and weird solo projects.

The Foo Fighters have always fallen in that former category, almost unphased by all the fame and hype their bond seems to get stronger with time. But lately, there have been a few vicious rumors flying around about The Foo Fighters breaking up (*he said whilst choking back the tears*).

In response, The Foo Fighters just released an “Official Band Announcement” on their YouTube channel. Excuse me whilst I crawl into the fetal position and cry…



Oh by the way those were tears of laughter… to quote Dave Grohl: “We are not ‘effing’ breaking up!” Now we can all go back to living our lives and being happy that everything is well with the world :)

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