Full-head-of-hair Pitbull wannabe wants to go to Afrika!

I have a large number of points I’d like to raise, especially coming from Africa.

  1. 99% of Africa isn’t a beach.
  2. Nobody presented in this video is dressed for the beach, nor are they dressed for rock climbing shenanigans.
  3. This dude looks like he’s trying to enter a Mortal Combat cheat code half the time.
  4. You can only be Pitbull if you can count to 4.
  5. Those glasses are doing nothing to try block out those powerful African UV’s.
  6. There’s no club in Africa where there are favourable girl to guy ratios.
  7. There’s no club in the world where that many girls would get along without being paid.

That being said, I will now be humming and signing, “Let’s go to Afrika” for the better part of 2016.

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