Graphic warning – horrific jet ski accident almost costs a man his life, luckily this hero was nearby!

Caution Graphic!!

I wanted to share this video of a wild crash I captured on my camera while riding on 12/3/17.
I was off the coast of Tampa, FL near Egmont Key, FL riding with my dad.
I turned the camera on to record a passing massive cargo ship. I then got the great idea to play on the waves from the ship.

Needless to say, I was in the right place at the right time to help. I did not know the guy I pulled from the water at the time.
He was unconscious and in bad shape when I got to him.
He was later transported by his friend (Guy who pulled up later) to the beach where paramedics transported him to the Hospital.
I have been in touch with him since the accident and he is thankfully recovering well.

I wanted to share this video for a couple of reasons:
First, it was an incredible incident that happened to be captured on film.
Second, it shows the importance of wearing a life vest. If he had not of had one on, I would not have been able to find him.
Third, pretty crazy how the life vest kept him face down and was going to drown him.
Fourth, if I ever plan on going “Big” off of waves, I will wear a helmet.
Fifth, if you do plan on jumping, ride with a friend. He was unconscious for a few minutes and would have surely drowned.

I should also note, that just 10 minutes before this I was riding near a large bull shark and over the day we had spotted many sharks swimming.
Yes, it crossed my mind that I was in the water with someone bleeding. The camera was strapped to the top of my head during the incident. – saleens8ucf

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