Incredible footage shows a hero student disarm a crazy killer during a university shooting!


Jon Meis, the student-safety monitor and part-time hero, came across the crazed killer in the hall of the dorm building of his university and acted instinctively to save hundreds of students that were trying to escape from the man’s actions.

Paul Lee, 19, was killed in this terrible shooting, with Thomas Fowler Jr wounded and Sarah Williams (Seen in this video below) left in a critical condition after the gunman fired a round from his shotgun into her.

Jon can be seen running in with pepper spray, knocking Aaron Ybarra to the ground before he could hurt anyone else.

Jon, we salute you for your bravery!

The following footage may not be suitable to sensitive viewers:

After police stormed the university to find Jon still keeping the perp subdued, they arrested the man and held him for questioning.

This next video shows the raw footage coming from that interview:

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