Is there something lurking in the River Thames? A monster? Submarine?

Monster Thames submarine

It’s a monster! No well, we aren’t very sure.

“This was on the cable car in Greenwich yesterday. something huge was moving under the water and then briefly surfaced. Are there whales in the Thames?? Or is it some weird submarine?” – Penn Plate

Well at least we can be sure that video’s of strange things are 100 times better when not ‘filmed with a potato’ as one comment mentioned.


What is this strange object?

We’ve studied the footage like 3 times before this post and the water moves naturally, there are no glitches in freeze framing the footage and this dude is relatively quiet on his channel.

Could it be some excellent CGI or an actual mysterious creature?

To be honest, Penn never suggested it was a monster, instead opting for a whale and maybe that’s why he seemed enthused when the ‘thing’ surfaced.

What do you think it is?


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