Jeb Corliss sustained horrific injuries after base jumping off Table Mountain in CT, South Africa, here’s the video, and the story of his recovery…


Professional BASE jumper, Jeb Corliss, suffered a life threatening crash while proximity flying during a routine BASE jump. This is the story of his long road to recovery, his first jump back and the valuable life lesson learned along the way. – GoPro

Jebb is known for his incredibly brave proximity flying, made famous by his video to the tune of ‘Sail – Imagine Dragons’ in which he performed the ‘Grinding The Crack’ jump, coming less than a meter close to the side of the mountain.

Jeb admits that he became fearless, and it took the side of Table Mountain to bring him back down to earth in more than one way.

After having permits denied to jump off the side, Jeb and his team scaled up the mountain and jumped anyways, with the first few jumps going swimmingly.

Jeb didn’t feel he was doing enough and identified a ridge he wanted to soar over, and knew it would be tight.

What happens next may not be suitable for sensitive viewers:

Watch his GoPro Documentary on the whole ordeal, and his recovery here:


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