Joe Santagato and his brother never stood a chance with this edition of Mad Libs Madness.

It seems that this may be one of the more popular entries into the book of Bloghizzle, with Joe Santagato videos becoming a hot topic on the website.

Not one to go against the grain, we’re here to provide content we find interesting, funny and rad whilst ensuring that you, our beloved fans, enjoy the content we put out there.

Joe Santagato and his brother Keith Santagato are back at it again, filling their mouths with water and doing their best to get through another ludicrous game of Mad Libs.

We encourage you to do two things when watching this:

  1. Go get yourself a glass of water and see if you can make it through this without spitting any out (Good luck with that!)
  2. Make sure your computer isn’t in range of your mouth (or bladder) because this is hilarious and we don’t have that much faith in you succeeding

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