John Cena agreed to read some fan mail in an interview, he didn’t know that it was going to get this emotional!

We tend to share messages that really pull at our heart strings quite a bit on Bloghizzle.

We use a very complex content analysis system in order to determine whether a video has a strong enough message to reach out and affect all those that watch it.
That complex analysis system is called tears, and there was a hell of a lot of those watching this incredible video.

At the heart of this video is a few really powerful messages that we need to take forward with us.

1. Our actions and our words deeply affect those around us. You can make those actions/words positive or negative, it will have the same effect on those around you.

What I think is critical to realise here is how absolutely oblivious we are to this and the effect we have on those around us. Something we pay so little to has such a momentous impact on our surroundings.

2. Everyone has faced adversity, battled through something life has thrown at them and struggled to see the light.

It’s easy to forget that nobody lives a life that hasn’t been riddled with hardship.
That person who just picked up their keys to their fancy car may have been the victim of years of bullying, an abusive parent or they may even found success after finding the strength to pick themselves off of rock-bottom.
You don’t know a person’s story, so why do you pick up the pen and write their story for others to read?
Often when we make assumptions about other people, we go heavily negative to make ourselves feel better about our situations. That’s human nature. But be aware of the impact that any action you take or word you speak may have.

We need to learn that these messages are a part of our lives and we affect others in our use of these powers.

Go out there and be positive, have a positive effect on those around you, spread positivity.

You never know who is watching…

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A positive impact starts with sharing thought-provoking ideas and concepts like this.

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