Las Vegas Shooting: What they don’t want you to see…

Just a short 36 hours after the tragic massacre that has the death toll raised to 59, with many hundreds more injured and fighting for their lives in the hospitals of Nevada, new footage is finding its way into the spotlight.

You may have seen these videos already but you may have missed some of the finer details which many ‘truthers’ have now managed to bring to the eyes of the world.

When watching the events captured on amateur cell phone footage, the first question asked was, “Where is the muzzle flash?”.
We’re not professional forensic detectives but we’ve watched enough videos, documentaries and footage to know that bullets are propelled by explosions happening within the gun.
These little explosions cannot be contained in the barrel of the gun otherwise the barrel would get damaged.
The explosion, therefore, escapes the barrel leaving a flash.

So, when bullets are fired at night it should be quite easy to find the shooter?
But when looking back at the footage there’s nothing happening on the 32nd floor?

Luckily, the general public noticed this as well and started reviewing the footage with many accounts of muzzle flashes coming from what seemed to be the 4th floor.
Paired with a police radio interception catching reports of a possible second suspect on the 4th floor, things are starting to get a bit cloudy.

Stephen Paddock’s brother, upon being interviewed, seemed genuinely baffled that his brother, a man with no military experience and not being known as a ‘gun-man’, would commit such an atrocious massacre.

With no motive being found as to the events that have unfolded, is it possible that there was no motive because Stephen Paddock was caught up in a political war?
Are the investigators simply overlooking a second shooter in the incident?

Update: We apologise for any videos that don’t work, we are updating them as regularly as possible. It seems that there are large amounts of videos being taken down on YouTube, specifically around the videos featured here.

We’re not one to start conspiracy theories or even entertain them.
We just like to present a fair view of opinions on the matter.

We leave the rest for you to decide.


Where do you stand?

Do you suspect foul play or is there something else?

Leave your comments below!

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