Logan Paul’s return to YouTube after his recent controversial video is causing a stir on the internet, and for good reason!


Let’s get some of our followers caught up on what has happened in the past month for Logan Paul:

If we wind back the clock by nearly a month, we would have been greeted with a very disturbing thumbnail on YouTube’s homepage.
This is what you would have seen:

That blurred image in the background is, what you could probably guess from the caption, a young man’s dead body after he committed suicide in the Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, nicknamed “Suicide Forest“.

Although Logan maintains his intentions were to camp overnight in the forest and try to capture ghosts on tape, his treatment of the discovery was incredibly insensitive and sparked huge criticism from peers, fans and viewers.

The video was taken down and Logan Paul suffered from his actions by way of pulled sponsorships, the cancelling of his YouTube Red show and some serious damage to his following and reputation.

By the way, YouTube need to respond to how this video generated roughly $90,000 during its brief stint on YouTube and how it was a video recommended to YouTuve users, even featuring on the trending page?

For a bit of a recap on that, here’s everything you need to know:

Yes, we’re using a Pewdiepie review video, but we feel he hits the right points here!

Soon after, Logan released this apology tweet and video, which did absolutely nothing to redeem himself:

So that didn’t go down to well.

Logan distanced himself from social media but came back with something that changed things up in a big way.

A few days ago Logan dropped this video, and we think it’s something you really should watch:

We’re not saying that Logan deserves to be forgiven for what he’s done, we just think he’s started his response on a very good note.
His response seems genuine and we think his efforts to raise awareness, given his fanbase are mostly young teens and children, is going to fall into the right ears.

We covered Kevin’s story last year and think it’s a great article to read and share to raise more awareness and pledge your support for those in need, give the image a click and check it out:


Please share our articles and let people know you care, it could save a life.

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