Nate Diaz chokes out Conor McGregor in the 2nd round, what the hell happened!?

I don’t think many people would have expected Nate to win the fight, given he only took the fight on short notice and completed it without adding a training camp to the pot.

McGregor entered the ring on the back of some incredible victories, but the step up to 170lbs proved to be a bit too much for Conor.

Nate has proven himself on plenty of occasions as the fighter that can talk the talk AND walk the walk. With his street fighting background, Nate was asking for a bit of a scrap.

Catching Conor with a meaty overhand lefty, Diaz capitalised and spread Conor on the ground before cranking his neck and taking the W.

Conor was humble as ever in his post-match interview making no excuses for the reason he lost, so we haven’t really fallen off the bandwagon yet…

Nate didn’t hold anything back in his interview, placing the classic Diaz stamp on the end of the night… You gotta love this dude!

Watch the post-fight interview with some highlights of the fight here:

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