One of our favourite YouTuber’s house tragically burnt down, and he needs your help…

When we woke up this morning to scourge the internet of content, we were stopped abruptly by the sad news that one of our favourite YouTuber’s house had fallen into the path of a horrible wildfire, nicknamed Thomas Fire, that swept through Ventura, California in the last 24 hours.

A normally very bubbly William Osman was quickly dulled down by the reality of what had happened.
Years of his crazy inventions, his memories and all his possessions were gone.
Here are some news reports that covered the tragic scenes:

Here’s William’s latest video:

Here’s how you can help!

Hello Everyone

My good friends William and Chelsea Osman are, for lack of a better word, great people and a couple that was made for each other. They just began their lives as a married couple a little over a year ago and on a positive journey in their lives by moving into their own studio apartment.

However, their home has been destroyed, along with treasured belongings by the Thomas Fire that is currently engulfing much of Ventura County right. They are safe and were able to evacuate with a few important belongings, but will have to rebuild their lives and will need your help. Any funding (no matter how small) would greatly help relieve The Osmans of some of the financial stress this situation has created.

Send them the love, good vibes, prayers, thoughts to them as they deserve all of that and more.

Thank you very much. I know they’ll be thankful for all of the support they’ll get.

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