Ready for the future of travel? Hyperloop just received the green light!


If you haven’t heard of Hyperloop, now would be a good time to sit down and catch up.

This is some space-age sh*t and it’s about to happen.

Hyperloop just recieved the green light and $50m worth of funding to create a route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This route normally takes 2-hours by car, and will be accomplished by just 12-minutes in the Hyperloop.

“In this video we reveal our vision for the future of mobility, how we connect people to the autonomous space and get people door-to-door, faster than ever before. We also show off a lot of the work the architectural firm, BIG, headed by Bjarke Ingels, has done on portal design in the UAE region with and for us. Lots more to come so be sure to stay in the LOOP, follow Hyperloop One.” – Hyperloop One

Check out more info at the following links:


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