Real or fake? Man hears a massive crash – Discovers a crater with a flaming meteorite in it in his garden!


This stunned homeowner made an out of this world discovery after finding a ‘meteor’ in his back garden.

When Jay Sullivent heard a loud bang at home in Appling, Georgia, USA, on July 21, he went running outside to what he thought would be a car crash.

Unable to find anything, he takes a walk around his lawn and stumbles upon a burnt circle of grass with smoke rising from it.

Approaching closer, the middle is aflame with a pink rock in the middle and Jay exclaims ‘it’s a damn meteorite’ as he flicks the hot object out of the hole with a penknife.

Jay said: “It was so loud that I thought there had been a car accident on the road in front of my house. – Caters Clips

I’ll be honest, we aren’t experts in things outside of our atmosphere.

I’ll go as far to say we aren’t experts on things within our atmosphere either.

So our opinion on this doesn’t actually mean much but we think his reaction is either really poor acting or he’s a man who enjoys the simple things in life… Like beer and shooting cans with a pellet gun on a Sunday afternoon.

What do you think?

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