Stephen Hawking has joined forces with Mark Zuckerberg and Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner to launch the most ambitious attempt at finding aliens yet


“Using a giant set of lasers to catapult thousands of miniature spacecraft 25 trillion miles to the Alpha Centauri star system to search for alien life may sound like the stuff of science fiction.

But Internet entrepreneur and science philanthropist Yuri Milner, in collaboration with renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is placing a $100-million bet that he can turn this into science reality within a generation.” – Beyond Science

The project looks to press on the forefront of Alien life discovery, but also the extended existence of the human race.

As we already know, humans are quite shitty tenants. We have placed earth in some rubbish situations and the continued existence of a habitable earth is questionable.

Stephen Hawking has repeatedly mentioned that earth’s inhabitants face an uphill battle at continued existence unless we look at the stars, and he is helping us out because he’s an all round nice guy…

The technology used is nano-spacecrafts, propelled by high powered laser travel to reach the Alpha Centauri star system in a fraction of the time it would currently take us, and it looks incredible!

Expect big things when big people come together!

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