Terrifying footage of a paranoid schizophrenic on a stabbing spree!

schizophrenic attack Shawn O'Neill

The scariest part of this is that it can happen absolutely anywhere.

Undiagnosed schizophrenia is a massive problem, and has been behind countless undetected attacks globally due to schizophrenic attacks.

According to reports, The first person Shawn O’Neill stabbed was Christopher Young. He plunged a kitchen knife into his lower right abdomen. This attack was before the footage here-under starts.

John Tedesco was jogging past minutes later when O’Neill drove the same knife into the small of his back.

Sally Kaack, an Australian ballerina, was next. The blade punctured her right lung.

Finally it was Jennifer Tran, a St. Mike’s hospital resident walking home from a night shift. O’Neill stabbed her through her winter coat and the knife broke against an iPhone in her left breast pocket, above her heart. Police later called it “a rampage.”

Thankfully all victims lived to see another day, but will most probably be more vigilant when they take to the streets again.

The schizophrenic man has since been apprehended and checked into a mental institution for treatment.

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