“That’s nature at it’s very best” – Octopus grapples a seagull, you won’t see videos like this on Animal Planet

“i captured this rare event when we were feeding the seagulls hot chips down the richmond river northern nsw , it grabed the seagull while it was swimming waiting for chips,” – Rowan Teece

A few things here:

  1. Rowan isn’t great at English. Not sure if he was the father talking or the child that wanted to look away. We kinda hope it was the child and then we can retract the comments.
  2. Rowan is 100% an accomplice to this cross-breed murder. Luring the prey is with some hot chips and waiting for Johnny 8 Legs to take him out.
  3. Octopuses actually have 6 arms and 2 legs, we’re all about the facts. Johnny 8 Legs’ parents were not educated either.

This is some incredible, extremely rare footage is quite traumatic but shows the absolute power of nature.

Gone but never forgotten.

RIP Jason Seagull #NeverForget


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