The entire population of Japan is preparing for North Korean Threats in a big way. Why aren’t we this worried?

VICE News recently took a trip to Japan to see how citizens are preparing for a possible North Korean attack.

At face value, it may seem like the ‘Dooms-Dayers’ are the only people you’d be seeing in a video like this.

But it’s not those people that society feels have a few screws loose that are practising nuclear threat drills DAILY.

In fact, nuclear threat drills are being enforced by the Japanese government in order to ensure their country’s population is protected should North Korea follow through with their nuclear testing.

Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum.

The president that boasts about his nuclear arsenal ON TWITTER.

What Donald Trump is succeeding to do is mainly two-fold:

  1. Play his cards completely and utterly wrong, showing signs of fragility by the need to lie.

Many might argue that Trump has succeeded in doing what his tweet suggests but many political analysts and experts have pointed to the simple fact that he’s only held a position to do so for 6 months.
That’s really not a long time.

2. Keeping the eyes of the world on him and not on Kim Jon Un.

This is not a good look as many people are being completely misled by undermining North Korea’s military arsenal.
America may have more guns and a bigger nuclear arsenal, but if any of North Korea’s nuclear warheads hit any of their targets, it doesn’t matter who has the biggest weapon cupboard.
Millions of people will die, it will change everything that we know to be globalisation, travel and that glimmering hope of peace.
Yes, America will probably be left with ammo at the end of all of this but both Trump and Jong Un will be alive because they aren’t concerned about populations, you’re just sitting in the front row seats of a flex-off.

So, is Japan crazy for calling a national emergency to implement safety measures for nuclear threats or are we all crazy for not doing the same?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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As Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, Bill Perry has spent most of his life watching the world prepare for nuclear war. And given the current political climate, he thinks the world isn’t nearly as scared as it should be.

Since the dawn of the nuclear age in the 1940s, most of the worlds nuclear capability was split between the U.S. and Russia. The umbrella of American protection meant that its allies didn’t have to develop nukes of their own.

But that appears to be changing.

President Donald Trump has been less hawkish about standing up to Russia. Now, European Union is reportedly considering a nuclear deterrent of its own. During the first week of March — after reports came out that as he left office, President Barack Obama warned Trump that North Korea would be “the most urgent” problem — North Korea fired four missiles that landed just 200 miles from Japan.

All of this has experts, including Perry, worried about an era of renewed nuclear threat from jittery states and rogue actors. Perry often talks about his nightmare scenario: a small amount of enriched uranium falling into the hands of a terrorist group.

“I think of all of the nuclear catastrophes that could happen, this is the most probable,” the 89-year-old said. “I think, I would say, there’s probably an even chance, this would happen sometime in the next 10 years.”

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