The hardest pimple popping challenge there has ever been, Can you make it through this video?


We suggest you watch this on an empty stomach, with a pillow in front of your face or if you’re looking to start a diet that involves starving yourself for a while…

To be more scientifically correct, this isn’t a pimple being popped.

It is a lipoma, which is made up of some gross sh*t. I’m pretty sure of it. To be absolutely honest, after watching this I was too scared to google lipoma because Google likes to sneak in disgusting images and that would probably push me to suicide.

The weirdo doctor that takes a strange liking to this (Dr Sandra Lee – The Pimple Popper) even posted this sis picture on her Instagram:

She also took the time to build up the nerves with this commentary:

“This patient flew in from Alaska to see me,” the doctor wrote. “And she is such a sweetheart and was really excited about getting this large lump in her arm removed! She wasn’t nervous at all, her sister who accompanied her isn’t a popaholic, so we sent her out of the room when we did this surgery.”

I’m done with this post…

Watch the video, tag a friend to ruin their day and share this ish far and wide.

Comment below with how far you got in the video (NO SKIPPING ALLOWED!)

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