The selfie taking over the internet – Ben Innes and the EgyptAir hijacker

Ben Innes EgyptAir Highjacker

In what must be one of the weirdest requests ever, Ben Innes requested to have a picture taken with the EgyptAir highjacker whilst being held hostage last week.

Ben said he wanted to take the best selfie ever, and if the bomb was real and the terrorist wanted to blow up the plane and it’s occupants, then there was no risk for him.

Of course, the internet has responded after this photo went viral, sparking heated debate.

Some argue that he interfered with a hostage situation and put the lives of others at risk.

Others argue that the picture was opportunistic in the face of death, and Innes had every right to enjoy his potential last moments before departing.

The Ben Innes selfie, what do you think?

Praise or hate?

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