The strange short film that is causing quite a stir on the internet: Cream by David Firth

The time has come for CREAM – the latest product that will fix your life.

This is the story of Dr. Bellifer, a scientific genius, who after years of smashing particles together, reveals his revolutionary new product:
A cream with the power to fix all of the world’s problems. – David Firth

We came across this piece after watching some of David Firth‘s strange new creations.

You might recognise some of his old work, being Salad Fingers, a strange creation of David’s that went hugely viral and developed a bit of a cult following in the earlier days of YouTube.

David has since stayed pretty low under the radar, collecting almost 900k subscribers in the wake of his early achievements but not gaining the same level of viralability as he did with his earlier projects.

After accidently stumbling onto his new series called The News Hasn’t Happened Yet, we found this piece in the related section and entertained with the recommendation with a click.

The short film is weird, sure, that’s David’s style, but if you give it a chance it becomes strangely close to home.

Let us know your thoughts and give it a share if you think it deserves more traction than it currently has!

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