This guy just proposed in Virtual Reality and it was super rad!

A game of Zero Latency Zombie Outbreak turns into a marriage proposal when Alex pops the question to Kelly in a custom designed free-roam virtual reality world built especially for her – a reproduction of her favourite, happy place. – Zero Latency

This was inevitable…
With Virtual Reality slowly taking more and more space in our real lives, it was a question of time on when the two realities would meet one another with a more meaningful, personal purpose.

Having already put a ring on it, I’ve decided not to show my wife this video.
Not because she’d be disappointed in the way I proposed but that’s probably exactly how she’d feel without telling me.
Slowly, she would use my Virtual Reality headset more and more until she cheats on me with Virtual Eric, a digital stud that always does the dishwasher.

Sorry, I’m back.
That was… A joke…

Damn you Virtual Reality!
And damn you Zero Latency for raising the bar with Alex’s proposal!

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