Video: BREAKING NEWS – Police ambushed by snipers at protests – Footage may be disturbing to some viewers


This is one of the hardest posts I’ve had to write, stepping away from the keyboard to pull myself together.

I don’t post this stuff for me, but as a message. This needs to stop!

Here goes…

2 gunman, believed to have used sniper rifles, opened up fire on a group of officers, hitting 11 and killing at least 5 as protests against police brutality were grinding to a close.

This past week saw 2 black men killed by officers, prompting countrywide anger.

The following video shows Philando Castile, a 32-year-old school cafeteria worker being fatally wounded by police fire after the officers saw the man reaching beyond their line of sight.

Various conflicting reports have come to light claiming the man was reaching for his ID, whilst others report he was reaching for a weapon.

With a small girl in the back, the latter seems quite a difficult circumstance to believe.

Please note that this footage is highly disturbing, and sensitive viewers should avert their eyes:

This incident, coupled with a shooting in Louisiana of another black male prompted an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas.

The following are videos of the scenes that broke out whilst the protests were drawing to a close:

The first video covers live reports from before the shooting occurred to the chaos that erupted, with news correspondents not knowing what was happening.

The video does include some dead bodies as the cameraman was not aware of what was happening.

This next video is incredibly graphic, and captures the moment a police officer bravely rushed a gunman to protect the crowds, but was killed in close combat:

The next clip shows live scenes as police rush the gunmen:

America, get your shit together!

This is going too far…

Our thoughts are with the fallen, their families and friends.

The world is a dark place right now, and we need to start shining our individual lights!

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