Watch the emotional moment as this lady takes her first unassisted breath EVER after a successful lung transplant.

We often see videos of people seeing colour for the first time, hearing for the first time or even walking for the first time.
All of these videos share the best parts of medical professionals’ jobs.

But it’s very rare that we get to see the true gift of a donor’s organ being received by someone that desperately needs it.

Here, we watch as a donated pair of lungs gets used for the first time.
This poor lady has never taken an unassisted breath in her life.

After suffering from Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, Jennifer is taking her first unobstructed breath after her lung transplant when the breathing tube is removed.
Her face is simply magical!

We want everyone to consider donating your organs and make sure it’s checked on your driver’s license and communicated to your loved ones.

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