Why are the social media giants censoring this mass UFO sighting that took place recently?


Recently, a mass UFO sighting took place in Turkey with multiple photo’s and videos being taken and posted to social media.

On the 27th of November 2016 #UFOAttackOnTurkey was the number 1 trending topic GLOBALLY, but by the close of the night, the hashtag had disappeared.

Twitter is still ablaze with photo’s and videos being posted every second, but the hashtag still cannot be found in the ‘Trending’ section.

Likewise, censorship measures have been placed on other social medias like Facebook and YouTube, restricting free information on what seems to be a massive event that has now spread to other countries, with sightings being spotted in US, Canada and other parts of Europe.

The fact that this is probably the first time you’re hearing about this is scary, what else are we not hearing about?


Now we aren’t conspiracists, but we have no clue what is going on here…

Is the end near? Are we about to make alien contact? Did someone just build a really cool drone?

Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Clip 1: This contains all the pictures and some video footage that we can’t really tie to the event but we can’t really write off anything at this point.

Clip 2: This clip shows some really weird footage of the ufo’s hovering around a ball of light.

Clip 3: When digging around, we also came across this footage from Turkey in 2008.

Could it be the same civilisation (If it is one)?

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