Woah buddy, ease up there… You’ve reached my first post!

So if you’ve reached this post, it’s either because you got roped into this blog early, or we’re not posting enough to keep you away from our first post.

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This is a quick, and hopefully not boring, background on the history of Bloghizzle, and why bloghizzling is going to be the future.

So here it is… I spend 90% of my time watching videos, ROFLCOPTERing at meme’s, frothing over the coolest artistic masterpieces, ‘wasting’ my money on gimmicks & gadgets and smashing people’s faces against my phone and PC when I come across cool apps or websites.

I don’t have any friends anymore.

But what I do have is a treasure chest crammed full of cool shizzit, and I’m going to help you become less productive and procrastinate the haaaaardest.

This site WILL be the first thing you open in the morning, and the last thing you see on your phone before you pass out in your own drool.

Join in, send in some cool stuff you find and make sure you spread the love. Don’t let other people be better than you, get them hooked too!

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