Zim Farmer pries a massive python from the bonnet of his car

“Footage of a Zimbabwean farmer removing a python from under the bonnet of his bakkie has begun circulating online.

The unnamed man carefully walks around the Zimbabwe-registered vehicle to find the reptile coiled on the engine.

He grabs the snake near its head and, with help from another man, unravels the snake and drops it in the thick grass by the side of the road. The snake is writhing as it is carried but cannot bite the man because it is held on its neck.

“Daddy, no, no. Don’t put that thing in the car!” shouts a child.

Later on someone says, “Oh, that is a monster.”

Though the footage was uploaded this week and is causing a buzz on social media, it’s not clear when or where in Zimbabwe it was filmed. There are two cars in the clip: it may be that one driver summoned the other for help.

Pythons are found in many places in Zimbabwe. In November last year, a 2.5 metre long one was found abandoned on a bus in the east of the country.” – News24

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